Our Story

I, Ruth Bridges, am owner and founder of Aviva Travel Group. I love to travel and beyond that I love to share the places I visit with the people I love. The most memorable trip that I’ve planned in the past would have to be for my father’s birthday. My father has always had a passion for Greek Mythology so one year for his birthday I planned a trip for us to travel to Greece. To be in the exact places that gave birth to these stories was profoundly unforgettable for him.  My father’s face and heart was filled with joy when we visited the Labyrinth where the tale of Minos was written. Another highlight was our visit to Crete where we explored the cave beneath Mount Ida where it is said that the King if Gods, Zeus was born and raised. These are just two of the incredible memories of that stupendous trip to Greece. The commitment I have to making a trip unforgettable for the people I work for is the same commitment I had when planning that once in a lifetime trip for my father.

I worked as a librarian for many years and was involved in several book clubs. I eventually made the bold move to combine my love of literature with my love for travel. After reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I planned a group trip with my book club to Savannah, Georgia where the book was set. From then on these Literary Tours became a regular part of our clubs itinerary. Planning trips for large groups progressed and flourished into a business.   Today I am so pleased to be offering tours around the world to a wide audience who are looking for that personal touch.

Spectacular Australian Outback Adventure
Classic Cultural Tour of Cuba
Sweet Southern Journey

What We Offer

Aviva Travel Group is a tight knit community of people with a passion for travel and adventure. The owner and founder of the group, Ruth Bridges, created this company out of group tours she personally formed for the members of her book clubs. Between her insatiable desire to travel and the years upon years of knowledge she has built from her book club tours and family trips, Ruth has designed a travel company far more in tune with its customer’s needs than any other larger travel company. Each and every detail is arranged by Ruth and her personal tour leaders. Many times, even her past customers play a role in deciding what tours will be offered for the year.

What Aviva Travel Group can offer you:

  • First class and five-star amenities.
  • Up to eight tours annually.
  • At least one cruise offered per year; sometimes two.
  • Cruises will always be booked with top cruise lines (ex. Royal Caribbean, Princess, Viking).
  • Detailed, organized, and personable service that covers all arrangements necessary for you to travel stress-free.
  • Handcrafted and detailed itinerary for each and every tour.
  • Tour leaders familiar with your chosen tour accompanying on every trip.
  • The safety and integrity of traveling within a group.