Here at Aviva Travel Group, a Women’s Travel Group, we go above and beyond to make sure we are able to create a lasting impression for our travelers. Ruth Bridges, owner and founder of Aviva, has taken her passion for travel and comradery to create a welcoming Women’s Travel Group. Her goal is to create experiences that can last a lifetime, while also intimately forging relationships with her clients to ensure their ongoing future of exceptional travel. Aviva Travel Groups’ dedication to being at the forefront of the entire planning process has successfully produced several yearly commitments from past tourists, some of them even dating back to the beginning of the group in 1999. Come join a small, fun, adventurous Women’s Travel Group and leave all the details to Aviva Travel Group!


“My dedication to providing the most thorough, organized, and personable service to my clients has resulted in unwavering customer satisfaction that has consistently brought travelers back year after year. My goal is for you to join our adventurous and welcoming Women’s Travel Group community that has been growing since 1999!” 




Come see several different places while traveling by sea, all wrapped up beautifully in an all-inclusive trip. We offer up to two different cruises every year.



If you are more interested in spending several days in one special place, then taking one of our land trips may be better suited for your taste.


Of course, we also include several tours within U.S. borders for travelers taking the family across country, or just a few states away.

Vacation Leaders

The way Aviva Travel Group goes about finding the absolute perfect Vacation Leaders for each trip is another way they greatly differentiate from other travel service providers. Rather than hiring employees to fill that void, Aviva recruits some of their most valued clients who have traveled with Aviva Travel Group several times in the past and are active in our Women’s Travel Group Community. Having Vacation Leaders who are part of the family and there out of passion proves far more personable and intimate for the Aviva Travel Group Community.

Itinerary Planning

We spend long hours personally crafting our tour itineraries. Every aspect of your trip is thoroughly mapped out, organized, and booked for your convenience. Our trips are typically announced one year in advance, giving you ample time to save up and to ensure that we have time to make sure every single detail is planned right.

We offer 5 star amenities that have been previously experienced on past tours. Aviva Travel Group only books high end cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean Princess and Viking. Our itineraries also include special opportunities that will stay with our travelers even after the tour.

This attention to detail is what you can expect as part of our Women’s Travel Group Community. Come and join us on one of our upcoming tours.

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